A single phone isn't working

A single phone isn't working

1.      Check to ensure that the phone has power
Some phones have a power adapter that plugs into a power outlet and others are powered via PoE. If you are not sure which method your office uses, please consult with your IT support personal.
If the appropriate power method is connected but the phone is not on, please submit a ticket to Synfone Support.
2.      Check to ensure that the phone has a physical network connection
There should be a network cable coming from the network source (wall outlet, network switch, router, etc) that connects to the phone's Internet port. Many phones have multiple network ports and the network source should NOT be connected to the PC port on the back of the phone. Ensure the cable is connected securely. If the network cable does not "click" into position, the network cable may need to be replaced.
3.      Reboot the phone
To reboot the phone, remove the power adapter for about 10 seconds and then plug it back in. It may take up to 2 minutes for the phone to complete the reboot process.
4.      Reboot the network devices
It is possible that your local network devices need to be rebooted. If you are not familiar with that process, we recommend that you contact your IT support personal for assistance or guidance. 
5.      Submit a ticket to Synfone Support
If the about steps have not resolved the issue, please submit a ticket to Synfone Support for further assistance.

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